My policy assessment

Coding your policies

Now, take the policy documents you’ve collected, and review them to see which of the following policies for nutrition, physical activity, and screen time you already have. Here’s how:

  1. Read through your documents to familiarize yourself with what they say.
  2. Use a highlighter or pen to mark whenever you see a statement that you think has something to do with nutrition, screen time, or physical activity (note: “recreation” does not automatically count as physical activity).
  3. Look at each question on the following pages. Each question asks whether you have a statement addressing a specific policy goal. These policy goals correspond to the OSNAP program standards.
  4. For each of the following policy goals, check whether there is a written statement that corresponds to the policy goal and note which type of document you see it in. For example, if you see the written statement in a newsletter, go to the “parent newsletters or flyers” line, and check “YES” if the document has a written statement, “NO” if it does not. Some items ask you to note how many days per week or minutes per day an activity or food is provided as well.