Physical activity resources

Following are links to resources to support increasing physical activity during afterschool and other out-of-school-time programs. Some of these links will take you to programs and resources beyond OSNAP.

Sample afterschool physical activity schedules

Sample PA schedule version 1

Sample PA schedule version 2


Alternative solutions to withholding free play or recess

Peaceful Playgrounds: A list of 60 alternatives to punishing bad behavior that do not take away a child’s chance to be physically active


Ideas for physical activity

Playworks: Supports out-of-school-time staff with techniques to create more inclusive and healthy play opportunities for children in their programs. Through this professional development, partners develop the essential skills to transform playgrounds and children’s programs, and change lives.

Jammin’ Minutes: A one-minute fitness routine with five very simple exercises that kids (and staff) can do while standing at a desk or sitting in a chair

Energizers: Classroom-based physical activities that help teachers and afterschool staff integrate physical activity with academic concepts. These activities are short–about 10 minutes in duration.

SPARK: A curriculum, trainings, equipment, and more; these materials are not free


Finding and securing space or facilities

Joint-use agreements: A joint-use agreement is a formal agreement between two separate entities–often a school and a city or county–that allow shared use of public property or facilities, like a park or school gym