Healthy snacks & beverages resources

Following are links to more resources to support serving healthy foods and beverages in afterschool and other out-of-school-time programs. Some of these links will take you to programs and resources beyond OSNAP.

OSNAP resources:

Working with food service: This guide aims to help afterschool staff and coordinators at programs that receive snacks or meals from Food and Nutrition Services to work toward meeting OSNAP standards while keeping program requirements and costs in mind

Sample snack menu: Includes one month of snacks that meet OSNAP goals

Water pitcher sanitation guidelines: If you use water pitchers to provide water during snack or meal times, be sure to clean them appropriately, following this guide

OSNAP partner letter: Snacks: Includes a customizable template for communicating with your program partners about your goals for food and drinks in your afterschool program

OSNAP partner letter: Screen time: Includes a customizable template for communicating  your program goals for screen time with your program partners

Sample family letters: Includes a customizable template for communicating program goals for food and drinks with families

Other resources:

Healthy celebrations: Ideas for healthier ways to celebrate birthdays and holidays from:

The Center for Science in the Public Interest

The Massachusetts Public Health Association

Alternatives for food as reward: Do you give pizza parties to celebrate achievement? Some healthier options from Michigan State University Extension

Alternatives to food fundraising: If your program relies on candy and bake sales to raise money, consider ideas from:

Connecticut State Department of Education

Center for Science in the Public Interest

How sweet is it? This information sheet is a great visual resource showing how many sugary drinks exist, from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Nutrition Source

Model healthy beverage vending agreement: If there’s nothing but soda and junk food in your vending machines, resources from ChangeLab Solutions offer strategies for making healthier options available